Imani – Beachfront Penthouse with Spectacular Ocean Views

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Imani Beachfront Penthouse, located in Kiwengwa

Nestled on the serene shores of Kiwengwa, the Imani Beachfront Penthouse offers not only spectacular ocean views and luxurious accommodations but also an array of activities for an unforgettable getaway. This exceptional penthouse, lauded for its impeccable cleanliness, comfort, and attentive staff, boasts a near-perfect rating of 9.9 on Booking.com. It’s a sanctuary where tranquility meets the vibrant pulse of Zanzibar’s coastal life.


Upon stepping into Imani, the tranquility of the sea envelops you. The penthouse’s spacious terrace is the perfect starting point for your days, offering a vista that captures the essence of Zanzibar’s azure waters. Here, comfort is paramount, with modern amenities and a well-equipped kitchen ensuring every need is met.

The beauty of Imani lies not only in its facilities but also in the adventures that await outside. You can take advantage of the property’s beachfront location for morning jogs along the shoreline or indulge in the relaxation offered by beach loungers under the sun. For the more adventurous, the nearby local dive centers provide scuba diving excursions that reveal the rich marine life of Zanzibar’s reefs.

Cultural experiences are within reach as well. Engage with the local community through village walks, or explore the spice farms to understand why Zanzibar is called the “Spice Island.” A short drive will take you to the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, where you can traverse through the greenery and spot the rare Red Colobus monkeys in their natural habitat.

As evening sets, the penthouse becomes a serene retreat. With the sound of waves as your backdrop, you can enjoy fresh, local cuisine prepared in your own kitchen or explore nearby restaurants offering a taste of Zanzibar’s culinary delights.

Whether seeking a peaceful haven or an adventurous escape, the Imani Beachfront Penthouse offers a blend of both. It promises not just a stay but an experience woven with the threads of Zanzibari charm and luxury comfor


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