7 days best of tanzania midrange safari

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Are you ready to explore the best of Tanzania’s rich wildlife, stunning landscapes, and iconic national parks? Look no further than Travelphyscode for an unforgettable 7-day Best of Tanzania Midrange Safari. Our safari is meticulously designed to immerse you in the beauty and natural wonders of Tanzania, leaving you with cherished memories of this East African paradise.

Discovering the Best of Tanzania

Tanzania is celebrated for its extraordinary diversity, featuring vast savannahs, lush forests, and remarkable wildlife. Join us on this captivating safari adventure as we unveil Tanzania’s most iconic destinations and wildlife.

Our Safari Itinerary

With Travelphyscode, you can explore the best of Tanzania like never before with our carefully crafted 7-day midrange safari itinerary. Here’s a glimpse of the extraordinary experiences that await you:

Before Safari

We understand the importance of thorough preparation for a seamless journey. Travelphyscode will assist you in obtaining essential travel documents, ensuring a hassle-free start to your safari. You’ll be responsible for any additional travel requirements and personal essentials.


Day 1: Arrival in Arusha, Tanzania

Your adventure begins with your arrival in Arusha, Tanzania, where you’ll be warmly welcomed by our dedicated Travelphyscode Representative. After a brief introduction and orientation, you’ll be transported to your comfortable midrange accommodation. Check-in, unwind, and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

Day 2: Tarangire National Park

Set off early for the scenic drive to Tarangire National Park, known for its majestic elephants and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy thrilling game drives and the opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife.

Day 3: Lake Manyara National Park

Explore the lush and diverse Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its tree-climbing lions and abundant birdlife. Enjoy game drives and the stunning views of the park’s picturesque lake.

Day 4-5: Serengeti National Park

Embark on a journey to the renowned Serengeti National Park, famous for its annual wildebeest migration. Explore the vast plains and witness the drama of predator-prey interactions on thrilling game drives.

Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater

Experience the unique ecosystem of the Ngorongoro Crater, often referred to as Africa’s Eden. Enjoy game drives within this natural wonder and have the opportunity to spot the Big Five.

Day 7: Farewell

Bid farewell to the wilderness as you return to Arusha, reflecting on your extraordinary Best of Tanzania Midrange Safari experience before your departure. Or, you may choose to extend your stay and explore more of Tanzania’s natural wonders.

Let Travelphyscode be your guide to the captivating beauty of Tanzania. Explore our 7 Days Best of Tanzania Midrange Safari and book your dream African adventure today! Tanzania is waiting to amaze you with its incredible wildlife and landscapes.


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